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Dmitry Levin
Among modern Russian landscape painters Dmitry Levin is a significant and well-known figure.

Following the best traditions of Russian realism with great respect for such prominent artists as
Levitan, Korovin, Repin, Serov, Dmitry makes his unique contribution to the art of landscape
painting. Dmitry’s choice of artistic career was influenced to a great extent by his father,
Ilya Philippovich, who was born in a family of Russian gentry that suffered from Soviet repressions
Victoria Levina
Victoria Levina’s artistic career started to take shape already in her childhood. Being observant
and inquisitive child she has always had time to convey her impressions to a sheet of paper.
Further studies at Young Artists’ school and later at Art College named after K.A. Savitsky in
Penza not only confirmed that she chose the right path but also helped to develop professional
skills, artistic taste and fine sense of nature. In what at first seems as unremarkable scenes
Victoria is able to find interesting motives and convey the beauty of what she sees through the
harmony of colours.
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